ages 7 through adult

Tap dancing is a style of American theatrical dancing distinguished by percussive footwork that marks out precise rhythmic patterns on the floor.  Tap class always begins with a pre-warm up that helps to get the blood circulating and to prepare your muscles for the demands of the rest of class. The barre is used as a means of support in the next segment of class where the basics of all subsequent steps and movements are introduced and practiced. The barre allows students to fully concentrate on the sound and precise movement of each step. These steps are then later practiced in the centre, without support. Stretching is an important part of any dance class, and promotes flexibility and strength. There is also a section of traveling across the floor and a centre combination. Throughout the class, students work on proper technique, musicality, rhythmic execution, dynamics, speed, clarity of sound and style. Creative exercises are also used (sometimes without tap shoes) to explore the dynamics of music; tempo (fast, moderate, slow) levels (high, medium, low), emotional  (happy ,sad, angry).  Through these exercises students learn how to move expressively to music and also become more aware of their body and movements. This will ultimately assist students in their improvisation later in their training.