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Absolutely not!  Even professionals had to start at the beginning at some point.  If you do have experience from another school, we will assess you to make sure you are in the best class for you.  From age 3 to 7, you will be placed into a class by your age.  Once you start into levels, you must learn how to walk before you can run... so you must climb the ladder like everyone else.  


We observe a dress code here at the Academy for our classes-- for both the safety of our students as well as enabling the instructor to make quick corrections.  Each class/level has it's own colour, which helps the student "see" their progression and keep striving to earn the next one.  The Academy requires that no one has bare midriffs or legs, so that when we lie or sit on the floor, it is more hygienic; as well as helps with body-conscious students and/or comparison syndrome.  We want everyone to feel comfortable and be safe.  

**We strongly suggest a dedicated dance bag to carry your prop bag, shoes, dance binder, and any other dance supplies.

  • Each new dancer gets a binder (just like a school agenda) at the beginning of the year, that they bring with them every class.  In it is all of the Academy policies, dress code, and a calendar for the entire season.  Younger students get stickers for their calendar every time they attend class.  Handouts are sometimes given that students need to add to their binder, so it's important to have it for every class.  (Binders are re-used each returning season, and the new pages are put in.)


We do not allow parents or friends to observe the classes as it causes distraction and confusion for the students (young ones will not understand who to listen/pay attention to). We also consider the very shy student who will freeze up and not participate with a group of "strangers" watching.  We strive to create the best learning environment for all of our students, and sometimes students may not participate or take “chances” with the fear of looking silly or making a mistake in front of people. We have special times for parents to observe throughout the year; we know how important it is for you to know what is going on! (*covid allowing!)


The Academy acknowledges that dance is a unique art form and is not suited to everyone. Also, not every student will flourish in every dance form. With that in mind, the student has a period of a maximum two months (or 7 classes) after registration in which to either transfer to a different class or completely withdraw from the program, (with a small penalty). There is a written cancellation clause that is clearly outlines our refund policy on our contract and waiver form.


We kindly ask all of our students and families to use good judgement when sending your dancer (or yourself) to dance class. Keeping your sickness to yourself is having respect for others in your class as well as anyone you come into contact with at the studio.   Any illness (including fever, unknown coughing, upset tummy or gastro, or other "contagious" illness:  you should stay at home.  You should be clear of symptoms for a minimum of 12 hours before attending class.  

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