How to Register for Season Programs

Season Programs

These are our main programs, and run from September to June, with registration in Aug-Sept.  We finish every season off with a performance the students have to opportunity to be involved in.  Please note that students may not be permitted to join mid-year due to our progression of learning unless certain criteria are met.  


Make a registration


You only need to make an appointment if: 

  • you are new to the Academy; 

  • you are a returning student who requires assistance with class placement and/or tuition calculations

  • OR when you drop off your forms, you need to be fit for new dance shoes/clothing 

If you do not need an appointment, go to the next step​


Fill out your registration form and waiver

Please print your registration form and waiver.  Read it over carefully, then sign.  You will then bring everything with you to your appointment, or you will mail/drop off your forms to the studio before the Registration period ends. 


Decide on your method of payment for your tuition

Once you know how much your tuition is, there are a few ways to pay.  When you register, payment must be arranged immediately, or your registration will not be accepted.  Look over your options carefully.  


Purchase what you need for your class (es)

We observe a dress code for all of our classes.  BONUS:  Registering Students receive a special discount in our dance boutique until the end of September!

Season Tuition 

Learn about class fees, payment options, and our general policies. 

Dress Code

Each class has it's own required attire.  Learn about what you will need for your class.

How to register for  a Session Program

Session Programs

These programs run 4 times per year, and you must register for each session; Fall, Winter, Spring, Summer.  Tuition is due at registration.


Find out when the next session is starting, and what classes are being offered.  Sessions usually run Fall (Oct-Nov-Dec), Winter (Jan-Feb-Mar), Spring (Mar-Apr-May), Summer (Jul-Aug).


Fill out a registration form and bring it with you the first night.  You will need to pay for your session upfront, so please bring a form of payment with you.


If you need anything special for your class--attire or supplies, please ensure you have them for your class.


Enjoy and have fun!


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