2019-20 Schedule

~ Please note that this schedule is tentative, and may change due to interest/registration ~


5:45 pm-6:45    Beginner & Intermediate  Tap

6:45 pm-7:45     Multi-level Lyrical

7:45 pm-8:15      Advanced Lyrical stays

8:15 pm-9:15      Adult Ballet~Jazz (alternates each week)


 10:00 am-10:45  Dance With Me (Winter session-Jan to end of Feb..)

5:45 pm-7:15    Ballet 5

7:15 pm-7:45    Pre Pointe & pointe

7:45 pm-9:15    Advanced Adult/Teen Ballet


5:45 pm-6:45     Glimmer Jazz  (1-3 years experience)

6:45 pm-7:45     Twinkle Jazz  (approx. 3+ years exp.) 

7:45 pm-8:45     Radiance & Dazzle Jazz ( 4+ years exp)

8:45 pm-9:15     Dazzle Jazz stays  (6 + years exp.)


5:45pm-7:15     Ballet 4

7:15 pm-7:30    Pre pointe

7:30 pm-9:15    Advanced Ballet 5 + 



New this season! 

On one Friday of each month, we host a guest instructor, who will teach a type of class that isn't normally on the schedule--like Modern, Jumps & Turns, Hip Hop, Dance Cardio, etc!  

     You must sign up in advance and pre-pay.  Fun Fridays are open to anyone (you don't have to be a registered Academy student), but you should have some dance experience--and dance clothes will be required for any classes relating to dance/movement. 

     A full list is on the "events page"...as guest instructors are confirmed.

Classes are $15 each, and you must sign up by the preceding Monday.

The studio is closed Fridays, Sundays, and all holiday weekends.

Please always confirm class times/dates as the schedule may change without notice.


8:45 am-9:30     Pre-Primary Dance 1 (3 & 4 yrs)

9:45 am-10:30     Pre-Primary Dance 2 (4 & 5 yrs)

10:45 am-11:30     Primary Ballet  (ages 6 & 7)

       11:30 am-11:45     Ballet 1 (age 7 stays)

Noon to 1:00 pm     Ballet 2

1:15 pm-2:15      Performing Company (1st Saturday of every month)


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