The Academy Of Expressive Dance

~ Raising the barre since 1991 ~

At the Academy

  • We encourage manners, respect, and old-fashioned values in a non-competitive, family-orientated environment

  • We have a safe, supportive, and creative atmosphere where every ability and body type are welcomed

  • We boast a well certified, experienced teacher that ensures top-notch professional training while balancing fun, creativity, and the health/well-being of your child

    The Academy is dedicated to providing a safe, productive, and magical dance experience for each one of it's students.   
     Andrea has a unique talent  of balancing professional dance training with fun, laughter, and  lots of imagination.  She treats each student as an individual, and encourages self-confidence, responsibility,  teamwork, and a true love and appreciation of dance in all of her students– whether they dance simply for enjoyment, or with bigger dreams in mind.  She teaches not only the technique and beauty of dance, but also self-confidence, social graces, and self-acceptance through her warm encouragement and mentoring. Ever since opening the Academy in 1991, she has been an influential mentor/leader/teacher for hundreds of dancers in our community.


Classes We Offer

Early Childhood Dance Program

Where magic plays and imagination is nurtured

(ages 3-7)  Our Early Childhood Dance Program is full of imagination, fun and structured activities--all done in a story-like form.  Kids love the high energy and non-stop moving of this class!    Our Early Childhood Dance Program is based on ballet (because it is the base for jazz and tap and is a fantastic foundation to start with).  We use fun props like shakers, tambourines, scarves, ribbon wands--all encouraging creativity and imagination.   Of course, manners are also a big part of dance class--  learning how to take turns, following another dancer leading the way, waiting patiently, working together with others, and having a positive attitude.  This is an excellent program for kids wanting to dance!



Strength, agility, and grace... the foundation of dance

(ages 7 +) Ballet is an excellent place to start; whether you are brand new to dancing or have progressed through our Early Childhood Program. You can enjoy all that ballet has to offer even if you have no desire to be a "professional ballet dancer".  There is a wide misconception that ballet is "slow moving"...well, we can assure you it is anything but!   We follow a traditional ballet class structure--barre, center work, and across the floor progressions.  We also throw in some creative exercises as well to challenge the imagination and expression in our dancers.  If you are new to dance classes, here at the Academy, we strongly encourage you to take ballet first to lay the groundwork for other styles of dance like tap and jazz.

   ~Did you know that lots of professional sport athletes take ballet classes to improve in their own sport-- why not you?  


Jazz more

Get your groove on! 

(ages 7 +)  Jazz dance encompasses many types of dance and expressions; from the classic Broadway style, to the funk of hip hop, to the flowing and expressive lyrical. Here at the Academy, we strive to introduce as many of these “faces” as possible as students progress so that they can become the most versatile dancer they can be.   Class is high-energy, and based on a traditional class--warm-up, center, across the floor progressions, and choreography.

     Special note... We strongly believe "kids should be kids", and always choose music, costumes, and choreography that is age-appropriate.   


     LYRICAL JAZZ:  an expressive type of jazz and ballet mixed together-- the basic idea is to express the lyrics of a song, or the mood of the music through dance.  Students who have a solid background in both ballet and jazz are able to expand into this class if they choose.



Making music with your feet

(ages 7 +)  Tap dancing is a style of American theatrical dancing distinguished by percussive footwork that marks out precise rhythmic patterns on the floor.  Students will gain musicality and learn proper technique with an emphasis on fun.  We focus on the "Broadway" style of tap dance, which is more structured and precise until the student reaches more advanced levels and can explore a more creative/rhythmic exploration of tap sounds.

Class is structured just like a traditional dance class with warm-up, barre, and centre work.  Tons of fun balanced with proper technique!   

Adult & Teen Ballet~Jazz

Dance for the first time or get back to your roots

Designed for Adults and Teens that are just beginning, or for those that took dance classes when they were younger, and want to get back into classes.  Our focus is on fun in this class!  Get back to basics, and gain confidence, improve memory, flexibility, toning, and co-ordination.  Please note that this class is geared for an adult body; there is limited jumping and body-stress.  A great way for older teens to get a feels for dance without having to be with young students. 

This is a season-long program, and each week we alternate from ballet to we get a bit of both worlds. This class is bound to be the highlight of your week!   


Classes by Session

Fall, Winter, Spring, & Summer Sessions 

Registration at the beginning of each session, session tuition is due in full.

Throughout the year, and depending on our studio schedule, we offer short sessions of either 6 or 8 weeks.

Explore movement and bond with your little one in our Dance With Me class, learn some ballroom basics without needing a partner in our Ballroom Breakout class, stretch your horizons in our Flexibility Fusion class, or relax and tone in our Pilates Plus class!

Check out our variety of summer camps for kids and dance intensives.  We also have a dance cardio bootcamp!

We are always looking to improve and expand our selection... if you have an idea, we'd love to hear from you!



Our Season Classes run from Sept to June.

The studio is closed on Fridays, Sundays, and all holiday weekends

Session classes run in Fall, Winter, Spring, Summer sessions--please confirm times/dates with the Academy.

Please note the schedule may change without notice.  Always check with the office.

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