There are many reasons I chose The Academy of Expressive dance: You could sense that this wasn't just about dance, it was about working together as a team and never giving up. It wasn't about being the best in the class, it was about feeling good and encouraging your peers to keep trying and not to give up. It wasn't about being thin and a stereotypical "ballerina", it was about being comfortable with who you are and knowing that no matter your size, you can dance. I knew that sending my daughter here  would give her courage,  self confidence, and it would show her that we are capable of doing things that may seem scary, but empowers us in the end.  Each year  has absolutely blown my mind. The dedication that Andrea puts towards her shows and the dances is extraordinary. She goes above and beyond to put forward a fantastic show. From the story lines, the hand made costumes, the music.....everyone leaves blown away each year. Everyone I have spoken to after shows have stated they have never seen a dance studio with such a passion for details. It is a phenomenal place and we look forward to dancing every year.

Melissa Button

I was never into dance growing up; however, I found myself the parent of a little girl who loved to twirl and spin around the house and needed her energy focused from leaping off of the couch and spinning into walls to more controlled, yet still enjoyable for her.  We found that with Andrea!  After 8 years with The Academy of Expressive Dance, my daughter understands that a great deal of effort goes into each class but knows that Andrea makes sure that each child has a great time dancing. 

Leslie Rogers


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