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Visit our sister-company that Andrea and her husband Steve run.  98% of the photographs on the Academy website were taken by Andrea or Steve


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2018-19 Monthly Themes

September:  Red Carpet/welcome

October:  Halloween

November:  helping those in need

December:  Christmas show

January:  Parent week

February: Pay it Forward

March:  March Madness

April:  Find the bunny

May:  Academy spirit

June:  Showtime!

Check out our in-house Dance Boutique!

The boutique is slowly getting ready for

Dance Supplies

Convenient and easy!

Everything you need for your dance class!  Shoes, bodysuits, tights, skirts, bags, accessories... plus tons of gifts!

Acrylic on canvas; artist Andrea Gaw-Pre

Artistic Creations

Unique gifts and keepsakes

From original paintings to craft pieces, there is always a surprise in store!

Coffee with Macaroons

Coffee Bar

Enjoy free wifi and our coffee bar

Kick back while you are here!  We have a coffee bar with snacks, water, and juice for purchase, all while enjoying our free wifi.


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