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Everyone has questions when starting something new. Here are the answers to our most commonly asked questions here at the Academy.

What if I register for the season and my daughter/son doesn’t like it? The Academy acknowledges that dance is a unique art form and is not suited to everyone. Also, not every student is suited to every dance form. With that in mind, the student has a period of a maximum two months (or 7 classes) after registration in which to either transfer to a different class or completely withdraw from the program, (with a small penalty). There is a cancellation clause that is clearly outlines our refund policy on our contract and waiver form.

What does everyone wear? We observe a dress code at the Academy, and everyone must wear proper dance attire and shoes. Not only does this eliminate fashion “competition”, it also ensures the safety and well-being of everyone in the class. The teacher is also able to make corrections, check proper body placement, and her eye is not distracted from the dancer’s proper line. More information is available that outlines our guidelines (colours, etc) for each class and level in our dress code pamphlet.

How many students are in the class? We limit the amount of students to 16 in each class. This allows the teacher the proper amount of time with each child, and gives everyone enough room to move!

Please note that in our Early Childhood Program as well as our lower level classes, in addition to the instructor, we also have a minimum of 1 to 2 Student Assistants that help in the class, so there is tons of individual attention and an excellent student-teacher ratio.

Can I watch the class? We do not allow parents or friends to observe the classes as it causes distraction and (sometimes) confusion for the students. We strive to create the best learning environment for all of our students, and sometimes students may not participate or take “chances” with the fear of looking silly in front of people. We have special times for parents to observe throughout the year; we know how important it is for you to know what is going on! On a similar note, you are more than welcome to stay; we have a cozy waiting room where you can hear everything that goes on in the classroom and enjoy the free wifi while you wait.

What class should I sign up my child for?There are a few things that will automatically affect which class you may register in. Age determines the first, and then we consider ability.From ages 3 to 7, students are automatically placed by age into our Early Childhood Dance Program. Once students are 7 and older, they will be placed by ability, as our class syllabus is based on learning previous levels before being permitted to move up into a new level--just like how you must know how to walk before you can run. This syllabus is vital to create safe, enjoyable experiences for all students and ensures that there are no "gaps" in the students learning. Older students that are just beginning may opt to take a few private classes to get "caught up" in order to be with other students closer to their age if they choose. No matter what age or level you at at, here at the Academy, we encourage ballet training first and foremost in all of our dancers, and add on jazz and tap classes to their ballet training, rather than drop ballet class. (there are more details on this in our other blog about "what's the big deal about ballet?"

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