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~September to June~

Session Classes

Our Session classes are just that--run by short sessions; usually 6 to 8 weeks in length.  There are 4 main "runs"--Fall (October), Winter (January), Spring (March), and Summer (July/August). Registration takes place at the beginning of each session, and classes offered vary.  Please contact us to find out about registration and when the next session is!

Pilates PLUS

ONLY HERE AT THE ACADEMY!  This unique class was created & developed by Andrea and incorporates Pilates mat work with yoga and ballet stretches.  Hand weights are also used for arm/shoulder toning.  Relaxation techniques leave you feeling refreshed.  Class ends with  a self-foot massage. Comfortable clothes  a must.  Excellent for gentle toning, stress relief, and flexibility.  This is a wonderful class that makes you feel “worked” and revitalized.!

Dance With Me

NEW!   This is a class designed for littles (aged 18 months to 3 years) accompanied by an adult.   Our goal is to create a safe space for both adult and child to have fun, explore movement, and encourage imagination.  The class is lead by a certified dance teacher, with each adult doing the activity with their little.  This is meant as play-learning, so we encourage everyone to relax and just enjoy the time together—there is no “right” or “wrong” way to do the activities.  Props will be used for parts of the class, and it is all done to age-appropriate music.   Adults and children should wear comfortable clothing, easy to move in.  Exercise wear is recommended.  Socks/slippers—or dance shoes if you so choose.   

Flexibility Fusion

 Excellent for anyone (ages 10 +) wishing to improve their strength and flexibility.  This is an excellent  class for students who wish to improve their strength, technique, and execution in their regular class.  It can also be taken on it’s own for it’s own merit by athletes wishing to improve their flexibility.  This intense class combines pilates, yoga, and dance stretches designed to improve flexibility, balance, and strength.  Weights are also incorporated to intensify the workout.  A challenging class that will get results!   


Latin heat infused with the grace of Ballroom--NO PARTNER REQUIRED!   Have you always wanted to take ballroom classes but lacked a partner? Well, your dream has come true! Learn the basics of fox trot, waltz, tango, cha cha, jive, paso doblé...all choreographed into routines you dance by yourself. Class will begin with a traditional dance warm-up and stretches. Great work out, great fun, and great for self confidence! You will need comfortable exercise clothes and some sort of dance shoes (ballet, jazz, ballroom, etc) 


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